Drawing contest!!!!

Hey guys!!! I will be hosting an drawing contest!! I will post my drawing on here by ┬áredrawing another picture from the internet! You will get an shoutout and tell my friends about your blog!! Now it will close on January 18 on the day I finish quarter 2 from school XD! Now here’s my email: Paigekarimi@icloud.com, and just email me the pictures and say: “Golden Retrivers are cute!!” ( I love them!) so anyways!! Here’s my drawing! ( 1st picture is from internet and 2nd picture is my drawing!)


Cute DIY!!!


I tried this DIY last week and I wrote down all of my dreams on cute colored paper(construction paper ­čśé)and put it in with tape because I really don’t have those ringy circle things lol. You should try this DIY! By the way, this picture was off from the Internet because mine just sucks lol. You can also read you’re dreams as Well! I remember an dream from when I was 4! It was a blond haired girl picking a dandelion and blowing it in the meadowlands. It was beautiful! Well I got to go so this is it for now!!! Byesises!!