~ Pking! ~

~ Forts ~

As a PKer, your main goal is to get kills, not attack the flag. But hitting the flag when no one is attacking you is part of the fun. It will distract the people defending the flag for one. But be careful; by hitting the flag, you are literally asking someone to kill you. So be prepared to go back into combat-mode. When the flag is going down, focus on killing the defenders, and let the attackers take care of the flag, and only spam the flag if it needs help going along. Try to die to refresh your health before the flag gets to 100 (only if at MoD). Now you need to try hard to stay alive. When the flag hits 50, start taking out a few people from the guild you are playing “keep away” from, but make sure you don’t kill too many that the flag starts going back up. When the flag hits 20, this is your time to jump in and spam the flag and try to make the last hit. Now the flag is your main priority. If you’re alone, you ain’t keeping it long, so you won’t be disrupted from PKing long. If you have a few people in your guild, then you’ll be able to keep longer. So focus on the flag. Hit flag hitters and the flag. Don’t get distracted by chasing around PKers. Only kill PKers if they won’t leave you alone. When you lose, remember, you aren’t a trashy tower guild anyway, so it doesn’t matter.